Preparatory actions

Preparation of the stakeholders, so to make synergy with the project ( wildlife wardens, public use staff, livestock farmers, veterinarians, etc.). This action will also be developed in the Portuguese areas most susceptible to the dispersion of the species.

Identification of critical points (Sentinel Network). In the two new reintroduction sites, a group of vultures will be monitored with satellite transmitters. Their movements will provide relevant information to identify main flight paths, feeding areas, dangerous points, etc.

Strategy to reduce the use of lead ammunition. Aims to eliminate the use of lead ammunition in the Iberian Ibex hunting reserves of Gredos and Eljuve (El Maestrazgo).

Study of extensive livestock farming. . This will provide information on the state of extensive goat and sheep farming, the food chain and the economic sustainability of the sector.

Preparation of hacking facilities in Gredos and Maestrazgo.