Conservation actions

Prevention of poisoning. The project involves a canine patrol specialised in poison detection. It will carry out preventive campaigns in all project areas.

Elimination of lead ammunition. Together with the managing authorities of the regional hunting reserves and the hunting sector, the use of lead ammunition will be phased out.

Feeding to reduce mortality. . Supplementary feeding points will be used to fix the bearded vultures to the territory, reduce risks and, ultimately, increase the survival rate in the pre-adult phase.

Pro-biodiversity. This is a marketing and commercialisation system, successfully implemented in Picos de Europa, which brings the food chain closer to the producer, who receives fairer prices for his products, while at the same time contributing to the conservation of biodiversity. It will be used to encourage extensive mountain livestock farming.

Prevention of collisions and electrocutions. . The most potentially dangerous powerline sections will be identified, where corrective measures will be applied with the participation of the electricity companies.