Probiodiversity farmers of Picos de Europa receive training on animal welfare

The farmers of the “Lechazos Pro-Biodiversity” Guarantee Brand received training on fundamental aspects of animal welfare in extensive mountain livestock farming.

This is a very specific training, since there was nothing focused on this type of livestock farming. Everything that had been done so far was aimed at intensive livestock farming.

In order to carry out this type of training, the Bearded Vulture Foundation, through the “Pro-Biodiversity Livestock” project, has been able to create a specific protocol for this sector and, derived from it, an “Animal welfare guide for daily practice in mountain farms”. This Guide has been given to Pro-Biodiversity farmers to help them in their daily work.

The training was given by Carla Blanco, a veterinarian who is carrying out the “Animal Welfare Protocol adapted to extensive livestock farming”.